fish humor...

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fish humor...

by natalie265

...doesn't go over so well with the general population.

I think i talk about fish too much. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Most people couldn't care less about the details of this hobby, and i think the fact that that doesn't stop me from prattling on about it probably makes me weird.

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by tekneb

Actually, my experience has been the inverse. It seems like when I talk to people they see how excited I am about the hobby, and it gets them thinking about owning fish. Since I started collecting fish again about a year ago, I've gotten my mom, my dad (they don't live together), my nephew, two good friends, and the sister of one of said friends, all interested in fish to the point where they have bought or are considering buying a tank of their own. Then again, my stepdad and my grandparents just think I'm crazy, so I guess it depends who you talk to, lol.

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by yasherkoach

yeah people have no problem with dogs or cats (even we have 3 dogs and 3 cats), but fish? most people think who the heck wants to own a large tank with fish, what a stupid belong on platters

if you try to explain that fish have personalities, they look at you as if you are crazy

once the fish tank is set up, all one needs to get is fish food, liquid tests...all cost no more than a few bucks a year...but sure is okay to spend hundreds in food, chews, doctors, and what-not on dogs a year

oh well, their loss is OUR gain (((smiles)))

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by snostorm

I talk about my fish way to much, but it's so hard when I have 3 tanks and my boyfriends house mate works at a huge aquarium! Heck, I even talk TO my fish. *blush*.

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by dream2reef

old post found in someones post list I had to add too. I for sure talk about my fish way to much and am always buying SOMETHING for them my gf hates it and shes the one that started me into it. She just wanted one fish and that's just to dang boring to me. So I now have over 30 fish lol. I just love em. Yasher you're correct noone would guess that they all have their individual personalities I love to watch them. I've gotten 2 ppl excited about them as well tekneb and I'm sure I'll get some more into it. I'm even shopping on craigslist for a friends tank currently. It's the best hobby I know I've ever been into. Much more rewarding then model cars and such.

fish humor...

5 posts

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