H2O2? Aid or no?

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H2O2? Aid or no?

by dream2reef

I'm just asking? I stumbled upon it looking for freshwater to brackish water process.

P.S. picking up a 110 gal. tomorrow night. I love craigslist, my gf on the other hand, does not. lol Pics coming in a week or so?

I also read about decomposing barley as well as the byproduct is slow releasing Hydrogen Peroxide? Now science I LOVE!

Resources: http://theaquariumwiki.com/Hydrogen_peroxide


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by Alasse

I'm hoping at one stage to do a brackish tank myself....

The barley thing works a treat....i used to have a bag in my pond, was absolutely brilliant for algae control (from green soup to clear as a bell!)

H2O2? Aid or no?

2 posts

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