Hi everybody im new here!

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Hi everybody im new here!

by Kingys_dog

Well i thought id say hello to you ppl i always frequent this website so i thought id join it.

I think there are lots of interesting and beautiful tanks on here which suit every different liking known to fishkeepers i myself am 24 from manchester england been keeping fish for touching 3 years now and each and everyday i am happy to sit and watch them for an undisclosed amount of time, i have a mixed cichlid tank after various community tanks witch i found bland although diverse since moving upto cichlids i love and am amazed by there diversity trying to upload pics but unsure on how to downscale my photos all to big to upload feel amount is a tad small 500kb is it :-(
well im sorry to rant on just thought id say hi if you want let me getto know some of you guys and look foreward to helping and being helped by you ppl in the future
Take care and do your water changes !

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by tekneb

Go here:
Upload your pics, shrink them, then re-download them and upload them here :).

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by Alasse

Hiya and Welcome

Hi everybody im new here!

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