Rescaped New Goldfish Tank

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by natalie265

I remember the previous post and thought it was a good suggestion. Indeed, it turned out great! It looks very natural.

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by dream2reef

Nice job! Is that a fancy tailed goldfish or a bubble eyed goldfish? Our fancy tailed goldfishs' name is brain lol. All you need now is a lil color variation. I love the smooth stones a good thing with the dumb fancy tails lol. I love him though. Great transition.

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by stingraysrule

Hmm... somehow this thread escaped me! LOVE the new plants in the front.
I like the dimension now because you have taller plants in the back, some color, with the hardscape, being driftwood.. and the smaller plants give it a 3d effect. The river rocks look mint, and if I did not know better, I would think I was looking thru a glass wall to the bottom of a real pond. NICE WORK.
I bet the fish are loving it.
One thing tho......... what is that white thing up at the top Left Is that a suction cup????????
:) Move that somehow, I would say.
I really like the tank alot. Your fish look happy and healthy, and your tank looks awesome. Very natural, and looks like the fish fit right in.
Good work.

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by yasherkoach

stingray, that white thingy is really a gray thingy that can shut off the filter tube at midpoint

Heidi has a marineland penguin filter, the tube can be extended or left high above the her case, the tube is extended with a gray plastic clip on that can shut off the mid-point holes so only the water goes up the tube from the bottom and not from the bottom and the picture, the holes are left open therefore water is filtered up from the bottom and midpoint

Rescaped New Goldfish Tank

4 posts

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