Planted Tank reference

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Planted Tank reference

by AMcCnl

I have been searching for good reference material on planted aquariums, but have found most of the information to be written by people who are trying to sell something, don't know enough to be writing the article, or only have experience with one setup and a few species of plants and fish.

Are there any good books, websites or videos that have information on planted tanks from the broad topic, to the finer details?

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by stingraysrule

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by natalie265

I think, the simple guide to planted aquariums ISBN: 0793821177 by T. Barber and R. Wilson is a good reference for beginners. I also really like this planted tank forum: ... 999d744aa3

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by yasherkoach ... 0764155210

when I first started this hobby, I mainly relied on Peter Hiscock's books. These days I only rely on experience. But for a beginner, it's good to get the best overall expert advice then go on from there

So my advice is, check out Peter Hiscock (amazon or fetchbook, just list his name)

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by Bigdog

I got one of these books and they have alot of good info in it. ... 0764155210

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by EazyE

I'll second the Hiscock books, though they don't break down ferts in much detail. Amano's books are nice to look at but provide less info than Hiscock's. Hiscock's books don't cover some of my favorite little tank cleaners- shrimps. It's amazing what the proper amount of Amano shrimp can do to that pesky staghorn and hair algae. Assasin snails will rid you of the trumpet snails. These guys are great additions but are overlooked by many books. is full of knowledgeable people.

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by AMcCnl

Thanks for the help, Good info here!

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by dream2reef

You should talk to cheech and chong. Pretty sure have success with many different plants. sorry had too hahaa

Planted Tank reference

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