brand new set up

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brand new set up

by BANGME338722

hey brand new pics and set up had to re scape due to my wood rotting away
what do u think

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by BANGME338722

old pic of what it did look like

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by natalie265

Very pretty. That discus is stunning.

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by yasherkoach

very nice tank...only one thing though:

your tank is 21 gallon according to your profile...the discus will grow to 8 inches (adult size) and the keyhole to 6 inches (plus it's semi-aggressive); so with these fishes alone, you should have at least a 45 gallon tank, or even better, a 55 gallon tank will inhabit all the fish in the 21 gallon much better.

Nevertheless, nice set up

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by breaknrun911

holy hell! makes me wanna set my 50gal back up and start a fresh water planted tank.

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by Bigdog

Sweet looking aquarium.

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by bangme33

thxs guys for ur welcome comments

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by dream2reef

Yea that discus is beautiful! I want one I want one! I like the rescape. I redo mine about every two weeks. Prolly cuz I'm new to the hobby lol. Nice job though and I love love the discus.

brand new set up

8 posts

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