Angels in Aquariums

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Angels in Aquariums

by AbadHabit

I had a comment on my angel pict, and I do not think my angel was calling me a idiot. I have raised plenty of angel fish in 10 gal and they did just fine for years. And that was a standard 10 gal. Mine is a 180 bow front, 16" tall. The angels like the tank, and like all fish, they always think they are hungry. So please don't put demeaning names in my fishes mouth.

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by yasherkoach

angelfish are beautiful fish if placed in a tank with compatible fish.

all I have to add

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by natalie265

I'm sorry if people have left unfriendly comments, i don't condone that kind of rude behavior, but that said, angel fish really do need more than ten gallons. Just because you have had angels survive in that size tank before doesn't mean they are happy.

Angels in Aquariums

3 posts

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