newbe here with a question

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newbe here with a question

by mi313

hi i just bought a 75 gallon fish tank and i pick it up tomorrow but i want to have live plants in the tank but i am not sure what to get i never had live plants befor the fish in the tank are going to be chilids and i am going to put drift wood in it to so if you can help me out that would be great

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by stingraysrule

Well, buy some low light plants for a start. Post back when you do that.

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by natalie265

Some good beginner plants are cryptocoryn wendtii, java fern, java moss and anubias. Keep in mind that many cichlids are not plant compatible. They will destroy them. In this case, anubias might be your best bet as they are a pretty tough plant.

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by Poetic_Irony2267

if you are buying cichlids you are going to be replacing your plants very often. they eat them, and dig them up. Natalie265 is correct in saying anubias will be your best bet. Good luck and keep us posted.


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by dream2reef

Yes I agree I've read everywhere that cichlids lovvvvve plants. In that case, you'd be making them very happy but not your wallet. I myself want to move into a planted tank just to hook my fish and my tank up with some natural food and o2. Regardless of the replacing it just looks better and a more natural environment for the fish. After all, aren't we "trying" to recreate their natural habitat? I'm happy for the upgrade I know what it's like getting that bigger better tank. I'm looking to upgrade to a 130! Good luck and post that tank!

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by Mikaila31

yep your making a salad bar

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by stingraysrule

ha ha. That was funny about the salad bar.

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by Alasse

I have a planted cichlid tank. The plants are mainly crypts. Java fern, or swords dont last, not the fish getting it, it doesnt like the substrate i use and dies off *L*

The crypts though, they are multiplying like mad, and doing brilliantly

The tank has a breeding colony of Mainganos in it, and a 15cm pep BN male

newbe here with a question

8 posts

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