Schooling fish

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Schooling fish

by duckinator617

Hello everyone. I am in need of a schooling fish for my 55 gallon planted tank. I already have 9 zebra danios in it and all as they seen to do is spread themselves out as much as possible. I know this might sound weird but it just doesn't look as appealing. I would like a schooling fish that is about the same size as a danio and would not be aggressive, if anyone has any suggestions on a fish that would be great.

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by joyce123

you can add a few serpea tetreas, red eyed tetras, or some neons as well

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by bangme33

black wido's,head, tail lights tetra's ,rummy nose, tetra's ,cardinals, neons, green tetra's thats my suggestions

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by christofrontosa

i know you say not aggressive. i would say put in about 6 odessa barbs. 2 males to 4 females. the males are awesome. they are not really that aggressive. i have them in with 8 rummy nose tetras and they don't pay them any mind. it should also get your danios to school since they might consider the barbs a threat.

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by stingraysrule

I am all for rummy nose tetras. They are the best schooling fish you are going to find.
Better than neons and cardinals.

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by dream2reef

Harlequin rasboras or rasboras heteromorphas bad ass they stick together better then neons or some bala sharks but need a huge tank for that

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by natalie265

My favorite schooling fish are harlequin rasboras, neon or cardinal tetras and black neon tetras.

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by theidiotech

I like my pristella tetras too.

Schooling fish

8 posts

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