Stole a 55 Gal

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by bangme33

hey i'd use some nice bigish pieces of bogwood and some natural stones , but if u collect from out door make sure the stones are scrubbed and boiled washto get rid of unwanted nasties and plian coloured dark gravel

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by stingraysrule

Get yourself a treasure chest and a scuba diver guy airstone and tell her you are going to put them in there. She will really have a freakout.

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by stormer0719

i had obtained a 150 gallon, with oak stand for $40 bucks, so i got you all beat....

My experiences you can get a 55 gallon for around 40 to 60 bucks easy enough if you are patient, and "obsess" hard enough.

Stole a 55 Gal

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