Discus fish

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Discus fish

by PlantsAteMyFish

After picking up 5 juveniles about a week ago I gotta say they rank pretty low on excitement. They are slow moving, very docile fishes. Compared to the 50 or so neons and tetras, the discus moves like slugs. And they aren't the smartest fishes either.

They are very beautiful fishes though. 4 of them still don't have their colors yet but are starting to show. I think they're all royal blue as I can see the vertical blue stripes coming in. I plan on getting a couple more but vary the color a bit. Maybe one or two pigeon blood and leopard skin.

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by Peterkarig3210

Schools of tetras are commonly kept with diskus if you have the room and want more color/action.

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by natalie265

I don't know about exciting, but i think they are one of the most beautiful fish out there.

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by dream2reef

Yea I want to go wih discus myself and I think I have all the wrong fish :( bump hahaaa

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by Kingys_dog

discuss a pretty sexy but the price puts me off

Discus fish

5 posts

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