BBQ Charcoal

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BBQ Charcoal

by thepuck

Can i crush natural bbq charcoal to use in my filters?

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by josmoloco

Yes, use the KINGSFORD MATCHLIGHT CHARCOAL that way you don't have to use any lighter fluid..... ... tml?ref=42

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by josmoloco

But really, What is used in aquariums is known as activated carbon......I never found a use for it in my 125g 55g or 5.5g freshwater systems.... Bio and mech filtration for freshwater tanks only, along with regular water changes....

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by cmarti

I would not use charcoal in an aquarium, although the matchlight charcoal post above is funny as all get out... :) I use half activated carbon, the other half phosphate remover in one side of my 350. The other side of each 350 is floss.

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by stingraysrule

That is the most crazy Q I ever heard.
Why would you want to?
To save money?
Carbon lasts a long time in your filter and by the time it is no good your tank should be established well enough for you not to use it.
It is just to clear your water.

If you leave your charcoal in your grill over night, what happens? It gets all mushy and starts to break down and falls apart. The rain water turns black and it just becomes a big pile of black mush. Now if that is what you would like running thru your filter, go for it.

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by jdak702

Carbon is cheap anyway. Their is a difference between the carbon compound and charred wood.

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by Peterkarig3210

There are extreamly toxic additives in charcoal sold for cooking.

Great way to kill all your fish fast.

I don't know about some kinds that are "natural" (as you were refering to in your post), but as for the activated charcoal aspect, I don't have a clue. The natural kind may work, but if you really want to go that way do some more research. I really don't use much charcoal in my tanks. I guess it removes trace impurities in the water if your water is suspect.

I'd just buy the aquarium kind in bulk. It comes in large bags and is probably cheaper that way.

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by GiantDogg

Activated carbon is a polishing factor. In a brand new aquarium, it is good to help clear it up. The absorption is part of the chemical filtration process. The nitrosoma bacteria will also settle on the carbon, but you will get the same effect with ceramic rings in your filter and filter floss distrubted throughout your system. I use it when establishing a new tank, but since you need to remove any carbon prior to using most medications, it can be a pain in the butt. I recommend good bio-filtration and regular water changes.

BBQ Charcoal

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