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by leifariek

I have recently obtained a 75 gallon long tank and decided to house my two red eared sliders (ca. 1 year old each) in this tank. The plan is to build an external overflow-box, since i do not wish to drill the tank itself, in order of installing a sump system.
This will be my first ever attempt at a sump system. (possibly wet-dry trickle filter)

Since i am housing turtles, and therefore using only about 50 gallons of water in the tank, the overflow box will need to be at water level, on the outside of the tank, with a 1/2" to 1" siphon tube running over the rim of the tank, out into the overflow.
The question is: When choosing a return pump, which will be fitted in the sump tank, obviously, how does one go about calculating the needed Gallon-per-hour, or gph rate of the pump? i am aware this is proportionate to the size of the intake tube, but have no experience with sump systems. PLEASE HELP if you do, or are currently operating a sump system! Thank you very much in advance, i can provide additional specs for discussion if needed!

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by joyce123

well i have a 75 gallon turtle tank as well..... i have to red eared sliders....i dont have a sump or anything like that... i have two hang on filters that i use... i will be upgrading to a canister in the near future.

if you have ever had turtles before you know that they dow get messy and there water gets bad real quick..... but in the bigger tank i havnent had any trouble keeping th tank clean.. i have some catfinsh in there too that were to fast for the turtles to eat and an algea eater and a few big danios.... i just clean off the filter very week....i also have two power head in the tank to keep the water moving....and a heater.... and two of those large floating docks.... bu t i also have a huge peice of drift wood in the center of the tank that pokes through the surface of the water, giving them plenty of place to hang on to to breathe....let me know if there is anyother questions you have, i will be gladly try to answer.
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by ThisFish884484

JUST BUY A CANISTER FILTER. RENA filters a really durable and pretty cheap for like $150-. You dont need an elaborate sump system for turles. Asiphon out line, overflow? The idea of an overflow is that water is pumped up into a tank and overflow out (without a siphon) back into the sump. If you had a hose siphoning and you would have to make sure your pump pumped the water in exactly as fast as the water was coming out. Or the water would overflow out of the sump or out of the tank. You might be able to do it with super strong pump if there isnt enough water in the system to actually overflow out of the tank but then you might have to worry about the pump running dry and burning up but what if the power went out, the siphon wouldnt break so you would have the fail safe that with a couple holes below the water line just Buy a canister filter and prevent a disaster or try to find someone to drill your tank

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by josmoloco

Cannister filter, or have it drilled...... You can get a kit for drilling on ebay also, totally worth it....

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by findingjohn

I would have some one who knows how to drill a tank before I did my own.


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