Rating your aquariums

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Rating your aquariums

by findingjohn

How do your friends find your aquarium so they can vote on it? I been asked this question many times in the past week on other forums. Please let me know. Thanks

For all those who had voted for my planted aquarium. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me. I just got into planted aquarium just under a year ago. I jsut love working with it.

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by jdak702

It is suppose to be completely random but everybody should get to vote once on their tank. I sent you pms.

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by beengel

what I don't get is why my tank has never appeared on the 'voting' list.
I have been on different computers that are not logged on to this site and voted away, never coming across my tank. My stats page doesn't list my tank as having received a single vote and i have been on here over a month.. I just want some critiques, that's why I signed up to this site.?

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by dream2reef

Not sure about all that but I got lucky and seen and voted on my tank an 8 actually but I wish we all knew. Random programming cant really be messed with. I like that I can't vote on my tank and CHEAT. jus sayin I like the shitty votes. No one votes over a 5 to 6 anyway so whatever it's just a fun site i accidentally found. I don't rely on votes cuz no one votes fairly idk but it's kinda fun...

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Re: Rating your aquariums

by arham

Haa haaa my hundredth post and it was a blank one yayyy!

Lily lara

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Re: Rating your aquariums

by guru

I just join here.. i learned a lot from this site so i like it... i made my own tank an everything with 2 bettas.

Rating your aquariums

7 posts

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