Tired of all the bullshit

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Tired of all the bullshit

by fihsboy

Anyone on here that wants to REALLY get advice....go to www.thereeftank.com everyone there is helpful and friendly, you may even find a local reef club. I have been on this site almost three years....but it has gotton ridiculous. New posters come in like they own the place.....well thats fine......you can have it. Peace out. btw...my sn is the same on the other site as this one.

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by gumbii


i hardly lurk here anymore... i'm usually in www.socalireefs.com... it's a local reef forum for us big league peeps over here...

i'm also tired of all of the little kids and idiots having trouble keeping a 10 dollar head of hammer coral alive...

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by jdak702

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by Peterkarig3210

I'm probably leaving LA to go back where there are better people. Probably won't be here for long. I don't think I belong here. Even though I pretty much only comment on freshwater topics this site has been pretty lame for quite a while.

I just don't know of a good freshwater forum where people don't have their heads up their asses and won't accept you if you don't run pressurised co2, and I'm not a cichlid person either.

Most of the best people have left. I'm thinking of putting my gars into a tub without airation as they are probably one of the few fish that can live in that condition and driving back to upstate NY.

There I can let my cats outdoors (no predators), put my gars into a small pond or build a 500 gallon tank, pay less rent, have better employment opportunities, and no fucking traffic and endless waiting in lines with mostly brain dead robots.

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by LUVMUFF9326

dam PK, that sux ur bailing,but hey THANX MUCH 4 tha advice youve givin me thus far,your dam good with answering freshwater questions.your like the YODA of freshwater knowledge........lol....may the fish be with you!!!

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by mro2you2

Lets have a honorable moment in memory of what PK has done for us.......

Ill miss you

Just stay in contact and Ill get over it. lol

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by Peterkarig3210

Hey! That doesn't mean I'll be gone forever. I'll just be away from the computer for a while. I consider this my home forum for aquariums no matter how lame it gets.

Things will improve. Just the cycles of life I guess.

Thanks for the complements guys. I killed all but 2 gold and 2 cardinal tetras in my nicest tank because I over did the co2. I guess I lost about 20 tetras and a few other fish in that tank. Nobody's perfect!

Anyone in the LA area who wants to adopt an established 30 gallon planted tank?

I'll probably be selling or giving away my 100, 20, 75, and 10 gallon tanks as well, but I'm taking the gars with me.

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by gumbii

good luck pete...

yeah... LA sucks... it's full of asshats and idiots...

and forums always get new retards and people sometimes leave... it's just the way it is...

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by puffedupseagull

Fishboy will remember us all. Me The pimp the boss heaps of us

check it out

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by fishchick

shut up i luv this site. go listen to hannah montah ahaha

Tired of all the bullshit

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