Setting up a new tank

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Setting up a new tank

by 65gallon

I am setting up my new 65 gallon fluval aquarium......... just wanting some advice!

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by jdak702

Buy a book:)

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by Peterkarig3210

Ha hahaha. That would be a good idea.

If you give us some idea of what you want in an aquarium maybe we can help you.

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by natalie265

Read up on cycling. Preferable a fishless cycle.

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by ronsta6969

The internet is full of stuff. You should check it out :)

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by stingraysrule

My advice to you would be make sure you leave some room in the back of the tank in case you need to hang a SKILTER cause you don't want to have to dump all the water out into 5gallon
buckets to move it

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by yasherkoach

read google & read some more

Setting up a new tank

7 posts

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