the fungus among us?

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by freshwaterpleco

It is ick. Put salt in the tank and raise the tempature by 4 degrees. If that doesn't work use medacation

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by edathome19824077

the salt may have irritated the fishes skin! that may be what the ulcers are! i would go and get sometreatments that can be mixed! i use mycopur and bactopur! one is a fungus treatment and the other is for bacteria! if you use half the amount of the antifungus and the full strength antibacterial and the use the full strength fungus on the second day, repeat day one on day 3. and then on day 5 put in your carbon filters and do a 30/40% water change! i use both as most fungal infections open up to bacteria and if is is bacteria then the anti fungus isn't going to hurt!

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by gumbii

doesn't sound like fungus...

if it's on the tail and red... it might be ulcers... i remember doing a write up on treating it... i think it's still up on goldfishparadise...

Ulcer Disease/Aeromonas/Furunculosis

Symptoms:Open sores, usually start as pimple looking boils and rapidly progress into full blown open sores.

Causes: Generally if you have ulcers showing up you have flukes or another parasitic infestation that is opening up the skin to the Aeromonas bacteria. Furunculosis stems from an internal bacterial problem.

Treatment: Requires antibiotics to get better. Medicated food is best as it helps fight the bacteria from the inside out. Topical treatments to help with the external sores are a ONE TIME (more than once will continue to open up the wound and prevent healing) swab of peroxide (let it bubble for at least 10 seconds). DO NOT get peroxide into eyes, gills, or mouth as it will do tissue damage in those areas. After 10 seconds of bubbling the wound can be gently patted dry and a light swab of neosporin applied.

Peroxide should only be done once but neosporin swabs can be done daily.

Note: You must treat with antibiotics concurrently with any external treatments for success. This is a disease that works from inside the fish and must be treated in accordance to that.

here's the write up for fungus... i would investigate to see if it's either one... the treatment is way different for either one...

Fungus Disease

The following Disease Factfile is brought to you by: FantailFishyUK

Symptoms: Fish show fluffy tufts of cotton wool like growths on any part of the body

Causes: Fish defences lowered by stress/poor conditions allow the Pseudomonas (always present in aquarium water) bacteria to take a hold

Treatments: Interpet number 8: 'Anti Fungus & Finrot', King British number 6: 'Finrot & Fungus control', Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 'Melafix' (to treat MOUTH fungus), Waterlife 'Myxazin', Waterlife Protozin.

Epistylis fungus responds to a 0.3% salt solution.

see also: Flexibacter Columnaris, a bacterial infection with similar symptoms.

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by edathome19824077

batopur is the same sort of thing as the fin rot and fungus stuff! only cause you have the added antifungus in the mycopur is it very affective! and only needs treatment on day 1 and 3 with the bactopur and while you do this treat with half measure mycopur on days 1 and 3 and full dose on day 2. replace carbon filters on day 4 and it should ahve cleared up!

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by Peterkarig3210

Have you had your water tested? Most aquarium stores test for free, and if that's the problem adding a bunch of medications may be harmful

the fungus among us?

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