What fish should I get?

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What fish should I get?

by jrh18

What would you recommend for my 60 gallon tank? Right now all I have are 1 parrot cichild, 4 cory cats, and 1 albino pleco. Also, I'm getting a 47 gall on tank thats column style. What would you recommend for that? I know for sure I want a few angels. And maybe some loaches.

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by prdoring

I recently fell in love with a elephant nose fish... very unique

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by mro2you2

glass catfish are super cool. Im getting 4 some time this month I hope.

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by Peterkarig3210

Cichlids are usually very aggressivly territorial.

You'll have no prob with the fish you have I think, but a cichlid expert would be good to ask.

Loaches are bottom fish most of the time, so I wouldn't put tem in a column type tank myself, but there are Dojos,......and a group of about 5 or so of clown loaches are fun and colorful to watch.

Actually, clown loaches might be Ok in the column as they do swim through all water levels. They still end up on the ground when they stop swimming though.

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by Ruckopardo

Clown loaches over the long term get extremely large. The corydoras are my personal favorites for bottom swimmers!

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by Peterkarig3210

I guess that's true about clown loaches. I've never had them get more than 3 inches long though, and the ones I had I had for years.

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by LUVMUFF9326

to me , my favorite are dojo/weather loaches,ive considered setting up a 55g n putting only them in there.the ones i have in my community tank cuddle plus they get up to a foot long n can live over 10 years.ive seen vids online with like 40 in a tank n they will all pile up on eachother n play king of the hill,plus they live through anything,

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by myklein2

Pictus catfish are another very cool schooling fish. They constantly swim around the bottom of the tank. They have long whiskers which give them a unique look. Silver Dollars are always a nice addition with cichlids.

What fish should I get?

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