To Eat Or Not Eat A Fish

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by Tien6079

I'm glad the whole drowning of the deer was explained as I was like "who drowns a deer?!". Putting an animal out of it's misery is tough but it shows real compassion. I have compassion for animals but I also do not mind eating them. If I were starving I would eat the fish in my own aquariums. It would suck, but I wld do it to survive. However if I were starving I probably would have sold off my aquariums already.

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by kraigt

Any one know how big a tank you need to start breeding cod or tuna steaks, i mean tuna fish, just out of curiousity and has nothing to do with eating our animals of course

after all, my Tetras way too precious (and small) to be a meal

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by yasherkoach

you may try kraigt, but tuna average a length of 10 feet in will need at least a 300 gallon fish tank...

if you can get to this stage, a 300 gallon tank at the very least, then you can start this hobby

as far as PK, takes a lot of courage and heart to put a deer down like that...I do not know if I have it in me to do.

I used to raise rats which only live to about 2 years, and every rat I had died in my hand. It's an awful process they go through, gasping for their last breaths, their body twitches, stretches out real long, then collapses or dies.

So I can understand PK...hats off to you man.

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by ThisFish884484

I fish alot and i keep fish. I dont feel bad when I kill a fish to eat it or hook a live bait up.I would feel bad to kill a fish unwarranted (Idont even like stepping on bugs well maybe roaches). Sometimes i feel bad for aquarium fish because they dont truely ever get be free or know their true habitat.Is it better to live a short rich life or a long confined one?

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by LUVMUFF9326

the way i see it is the fish we all own r better off in our tanks.mother nature would kill them faster then we would.hunting,i could never kill an animal,but i did have an a$$hole break into my house,set it on fire me n my girl n 2 yr old son had to jump from a second story window. almost died as we woke up to this @ 3am n bottom floor was totally in flames ,i could and WILL kill,torture, mame, mutilate,beat,shoot,stab,and behead him when he gets out of if any 1 has pirhanas i might have 160 pounds of food 4 u in bout 15

To Eat Or Not Eat A Fish

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