Online Suppliers for aquarium rocks?

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Online Suppliers for aquarium rocks?

by tokyo

I'm trying to find online suppliers that sell aquarium rocks(ie texas holy rock, limestone, slate, etc..). Does anyone have any recommendations?

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by yasherkoach

I bought all my rock (slate, sandstone, river rocks) from a neighborhood landscape company (Hardscape, Bixby, OK...advertisement for those in Tulsa area (((smiles))) if you can find a landscape place that sells rock in your neighborhood, you'll be okay...and it costs very little, here it costs 4 cents a pound. ... asp?id=659

there's a link for real rock online (scroll down, you'll read/see the assorted rocks)...but I must inform you, it will cost you a "heavy" price purchase rocks in your neighborhood is much much cheaper

hope this helps

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by Peterkarig3210

I'd like to get some of the rocks Takashi Amano and others like him use in their tanks.

Online Suppliers for aquarium rocks?

3 posts

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