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by Rixx1741

I put 2 snails in my planted aquarium already and they seemed fine for a few days but then they puckered up in their shells and stayed that way for a few days before i threw them away, and now yesterday I bought 2 more and now its as if it all starting again, one is in its shell and its on its back, just want to know if this is normal, or are they dying.

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Re: Snails

by jackvicious

It's normal for them to stay in their shells. When I first got my snails, they didn't move for a few days. I think it's part of the acclamating process; some snails will take less time and aren't as shy. Once they get going, they become very entertaining, especially when they are climbing up and down the glass and sometimes falling down from high places.

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Snails and chemicals

by Wisebonzai2199

In tanks where salt, or any medication has been used before, it's a good chance it's effecting the snails...especially anti-parasitic medications.

If this isn't the case, then I suggest turning your temperature up to 82, if your fish are supported by that temperature as many/most tropicals are, and the snails will begin moving.

Tank water kept around 78 or lower is too cool for most large Mystery Snails to live in comfortably.

Also, the last poster is right. The snails always sleep a couple extra days when first introduced. You may get your outgoing little guy once in awhile, however there is a good chance they are just acclimating.

Make sure where you bought them is not using any SALT or treatment in the water, because if they did, you probably did what most people do when buying from chain stores, and got dying snails. How do you kill snails? You sprinkle salt on them. Any tank where salt has been used as an antifungal or treatment may have already killed them prior to your purchase. It just takes weeks sometimes for them to die entirely.

Good luck. I love my trapdoor snails. They are absolutely adorable to watch. We have 8 snails and some of them are real characters. :)

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Re: Snails

by Peterkarig3210

It sounds to me like, as someone else said, that there might be a problem with the water, either medication or wast products may be killing them. If it's not the meds, check the water chemistry. get yourself an advanced kit that checks nitrites, nitrates, amonia, hardness, and PH. You can also take a water sample to an aquarium store and they will usually check it for you for free. I happen to like those little freshwater snails that dig into and hide in the gravel during the day and then come out in the hundreds at night to clean the glass and plants. They wont eat tender plants as some snails do and they clean up the gravel. I think you might need to put some large shells in the tank so whatever they build their shells with wont get depleted. Make sure you have a good biological cycle established so the waste from the fish can be converted to non toxic products.


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