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by jdigger77

Can anyone give some review of the Fission Nano skimmer. I am thinking about this for my 29 gallon reef tank but id like some good or bad feedback on it before buying.

Also, how do people feel about buying used skimmers. Im thinking I could buy a better unit for my money if i went used but am not sure if these things get worn or some such if used too long. Thanks for sharing..

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by saltwaterpimp

dont be scared to buy used. alot of people in saltwater take care of there stuff. water pumps and powerheads last a long time as long as you take care of them.

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by somalia123

i had a fission nano skimmer in my old 29 gal and i didnt like it, i would recomend the skimmer bio cube makes for there tank its a little bigger but i think it does a better job and i think its around the same price


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