how many cleaners?

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how many cleaners?

by fishkeeper90

i have a 14 biocube sw reef and am starting to get some algae build up and i may need some more snails i have 2 small ones, how many more do i need?

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by blueshoes2208

what kind of snails

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by puffedupseagull


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by mro2you2

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by jdak702

fishkeeper90, snails can "kind of" "help" control algae. They aren't gonna clean your tank. They probably will not even control a noticeable amount. mro2you2, what are you talking about?

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by gumbii

my 3x2x2' tank only has two hermit crabs... lol...

i have no nails other than stomella snails...

that is all...

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by newbie916

I have about 10 hermits, 4 nass snails, 2 emeralds, 4 astrea snails, and a cleaner shrimp in my 24. I still have to clean the glass, but the rock and sand stays pretty clean. I also have a Koralia 1 and 2 for flow along with the return pump. Make sure you keep up on the water changes also. I change out 5 gallons a week to keep my water clean.

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by mro2you2

All I have for a clean up crew is about 7 bristles stars & a shielded limpet. I want a bunch of hermies though. :)

how many cleaners?

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