Thinking of a Reef tank

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Thinking of a Reef tank

by FoMoCo4ever7781

Right now i have a 36g bowfront Cichlid tank that I'm thinking of converting to a Saltwater Reef tank. It already has black tahitian moon sand in it that i will be using as the substrate. Any tips and pointers would be great. So far I've only found the proper lighting for the tank which is a 24 Inch 2x65 Watt AquaticLife PowerCompact CF Light Fixture with 2 Lunar LEDs. That light is the only light i can find that gives me 3.6wpg which i read i needed atleast 3.5wpg. As for protein skimmers and wavemakers i have no idea on what to get or if i even need it. I'm waiting on my Saltwater tanks for dummies book to come in i got of off ebay for $6.76 shipped LoL. What do u all think of ebay corral also? Also can i use my aqua vac on my saltwater and fresh water tanks? Any info would really help. Thanks!!!

Here is the link to the light i was considering getting. ... 065%20watt)%20%2B%20FREE%20Mini%20pH%20Meter

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by gumbii

i would put alot more thought into it before you convert...

like do the cichlids stress you...? cause a reef will grey you...

get to know other local reefers... ask to see thier setup and ask what thier setup is built for...

like... my setup is built for sps... my protein skimmer is rated at 250g tank, and my tank is a 90... lighting is two 250W metal halide with electronic ballast pushing radium bulbs with 2 T5HO 36" bulbs for an ati blue+ and a fiji purple bulb... return pump is a rio hf32 2300GPH running 2 eductors for extra flow... i test for calcium, magnesium, strontium, ph, alk, salinity... and dose kalkwasser 24/7...

every tank setup can be different for different types of corals...

good luck...

Thinking of a Reef tank

2 posts

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