pacu with?

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pacu with?

by fishkeeper90

can i keep 3 pacu, 2 oscars,and a redtail cat in a 220 gallon tank
for now i have 3 pacu about 3.5" in my 55gallon
also can i start feedin them feeders

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by mro2you2

Yes, you can. I have never had any of these but a place bye me has a 1000 gallon with over grown fish with Koi, Oscars, Pecus, and a 6 feet catfish teh size of a shark. :O Teh Pecu being 3 inches yould probly not eat goldfish or guppies taht are 2 in but try ghost shrimp.

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by mro2you2

If you wanted you could probly fit a green terror or a red terror in there.

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by stormer0719

I have 3 silverdollar with an oscar and they get along well. I also have 1 baylor, and red tailed sharks.

The Pacu and oscar for sure do well together in my oppinion

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by gumbii

pacu even though they are closely related to say pirranhas and stuff... are vegetarians... they shouldn't be given a protein rich diet... they should be munching on veggies and such...

also... what's your filtration turn over rate on that tank...? i would up the water circulation on those fish... they are heavy bioloads...

also... you can't keep two oscars in the same tank... one will eventually kill the other one... you need to do the african cichlid rule... as in you either have one, or you have lots... they do better in groups of 6 or more in the long run... but will require a gigantic tank...

good luck and research your fish well...

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by dizzcat

I highly doubt when full grown 1 Pacu can fit in that small a tank, let alone 3 plus other fish. I know you said a 220 gallon, but Pacu get to be bigger than a dinner plate! They are about 2 feet tall by almost 4 feet long when full grown.

Here is an adult Pacu: ... /pacu2.jpg ... G_1588.jpg

I have seen them this big before.

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by natalie265

Ditto what dizz said. These guys really shouldn't be kept in home aquariums IMO, even a 220 gallon one. Eventually they'll be way too big.

pacu with?

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