German Blue Rams with Keyholes?

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German Blue Rams with Keyholes?

by devongreatwolf

I currently have a pair of German Blue Rams in a twenty-gallon tank, which I would like to begin using as a quarantine tank. I was thinking of relocating the rams to an existing thirty-gallon South American tank. The thirty currently contains two Keyhole Cichlids, five Rummy Nose Tetras, three Neon Tetras, four Panda Cories, and two Albino Cories. My concern is that there may be conflicts between the Rams and Keyholes. I intended to increase the number of "caves" in the thirty before introducing the Rams. I was just curious what every thought about this situation. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and time regarding this.

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by evelynmarch26

They should be fine with each other, but keep in mind that the rams like to be in planted tanks


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by bangme33

i keep rams both butterfly and bolivian in my tank along with keyholes and theres never been any problem between them rams and keyholes keyholes are a shy fish as are rams and only bother each other

German Blue Rams with Keyholes?

3 posts

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