Catfish for cichlids?

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by mro2you2

RCQ3- that is double the size of the cichilid.would you trust it with 2 in babies?

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by rcgman35055364

My Raphael isnt 10". Hes only about 3-4. The growth rate of that fish to get 10" is not as fast as a Cichlids is to get 6-8" So yeah i trust them. Havent caused me problems to this date!

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by dizzcat

Not to mention that African cichlids are some of the meanest fish out there! I seriously doubt that one that is 3" and above would let a catfish eat it unless that catfish is huge!

A lot of people have good luck with the synodontis cats in with African cichlids. My Rainbow shark is ornery enough to handle anything the aggressive Africans dish out.

Upsidedown cats? VERY bad idea with Africans! Those cichlids would kill them off within a day.

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by stormer0719

my rainbow shark didnt do as well with my africans. he got bit up and i took him out. Would they have killed it? I don't know, the little poop is rather agressive, and does fine in his new home with my oscar, 3 silverdollars, and 2 demsi

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by fishfood

I have a syndontis with my south american cichlids, and they get along real well. You don't see much of him,but he don't take no crap.

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Re: Catfish for cichlids?

by aquaplayer

I had a 6 inch Rafael Catfish that ate my Mari and peakock cichlids.... I moved him to an outside koi pond and unfortunately he died today. I felt really bad I had to move him but if I did'nt he would have ate my other cichlids... I have like 30 cichlids (1inch to 4 inches) in one tank and they are always happy and very active. They all gather around happy to see me when I shake the fish flakes can in front of the tank.... The catfish got along fine with them as he was always hiding in this this petsmart aztec half dome cathedral... I use to have to put my hand in the tank with algae wafers and put the wafer inside the hiding hole for him to eat out of my hand... However I can definitely confirm they will eat your cichlids. I will never put a rafael catfish in my cichlid tank ever again. Even though he ate my favorite cichlids I still miss the chubby little guy....

Catfish for cichlids?

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