im dissappointed

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im dissappointed

by reeftranquility

that i cant get pics of of my reef tanks for everyone to rate, due to size restrictions... was having to cut pics down alot in the process cuttin out corals and fish...

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by Gldntrmite8894

Go to and they will shrink your photo to the size requirement then you can use them on here without cutting them down...

Great advice i received on here, can't remember from who otherwise i'd give them credit...

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by puffedupseagull

Do you have Windows on PC??
Go to microsoft paint.
Click on open on tool bar
select your pic
click image on tool bar
click on Resize/skew
In the box that says Resize horizontal type 35
in the box that says Resize vertical type 35
hit enter and pic will resize without any cropping
click on File
Click save as
name pic
Add to Rate My Fish Tank.
Piece of Piss.

im dissappointed

3 posts

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