blue dwarf rams

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blue dwarf rams

by awiecz

I bought a male and a female blue ram about a month ago. The female ram is doing just fine, but my male ram died about 2 weeks ago. I went and bought another male blue ram, but this one also lasted about 2 weeks. I checked my water quality, and its perfect. I don't understand it because the rams were the most aggressive fish that I have in my tank. I have all small tetras and rainbows. The water temperature is stable and I feed them a variety of food. Does anyone know why this happened? This was my favorite fish because of the variety of colors.

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by mro2you2

Nothing you can do really it not you either. I have the same problem but I just keep adding till they stay. I could teh be mature and be two males together?


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by Tmercier834747

m/f german blue rams can be pretty hard to sex. at least for me. A rather experienced LFS owner sold me what he had thought to be a pair (as juveniles) which later turned out to be 2 males. I know he wasn't just pushing the sale because he's struggling for business and wouldn't take the risk in losing my business or anyone else's for that matter.
Its possible you had two males. Also a lot of these fish are given hormones which enhance color but weaken the fish itself. That is the theory some share anyway. I started with one that didn't make it a week. My two males lasted nearly a year. Though as territorial as they could be with each other its miraculous one didn't die much sooner.

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by ITFishGuy

Yeah, I'd have to agree on the sexing of the fish. Males of a certain age will have a longer spike on their dorsal fin usually the second ray of the fin. If you have two male and it's a relatively open tank they'll clobber each other till there's only one. When you pick out a fish in the store watch them for at least 5-10 minutes to see how they behave.

blue dwarf rams

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