Beginning an Aquarium

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Beginning an Aquarium

by NicktheFish123

Hi Guys! I'm new to aquarium nbuilding, and I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice on setting up my first aquarium. Basically, I just want to make something real calm and serene, and beautiful!

I have a 10 gallon tank, so I was hoping I could pull off something classy in the small space.

Any tips on subtrates, filtration, lighting, fish types, etc... I really want to make something that looks good, but so far, have really only been able to achieve mediocre setups.

Any advice for a direction to go in would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks =)

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by Peterkarig3210

Do you have a hang on back (HOB) filter?

Do you want any real plants?

Do you understand how biological waste breaks down with the aid of bacteria into nitrates?

There is basically 2 types of filtration all tanks need in order for the fish to have safe water to live in. Mechanical filtration for getting the particulates out of the water, and biological filtration for breaking down fish and other waste into less harmful products.

Bacteria will grow in the filter pads, and as the water passes through the pads (or whatever), the raw waste will be converted to less harmfull nitrates. You need to keep the bacteria alive in order to keep the waste breaking down as it is produced.

Bacteria will grow with the addition of fish waste, so it's important to slowely add fish so that the bacteria get a chance to get started.

As for fish, 10 gallons is small, so unless you are planning on getting a bigger tank, don't buy fish that will outgrow the tank.

Look around at different fish, schooling fish, algae eating fish, etc, and let us know what you like.


Beginning an Aquarium

2 posts

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