Water Softness

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Water Softness

by platipus12321

What can you do to get the P.H. right in your tank???

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by spongebob4460

add some driftwood if u have to lower your ph... if you need to raise your ph you can buy drops for it

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by freshwaterpleco

If you go to the pet store there should be tablet drops that put your p.h at 7.0. That is what you need it to be. Also to higher the p.h put peat substrate. Peat substrate will also harden the water so beware. But i would just stick with the tablets. Like spongebob said add driftwood to lower the p.h. If you want to acify the tank There is something you can use but i forgot what it was called

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by gumbii

driftwood is good but the tannins leave your tank a murky brown color... i would use ph low from API or someone else...

to raise my water i use baking soda and reef salt... lifts it to about 9.0 sometimes... you could also go to a pool store and get thier stuff to lower or raise PH... it's basicly the same chemical, but in larger amounts it's way cheaper...

Water Softness

4 posts

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