Starting a 40 Long Tell me what you think of the setup

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Starting a 40 Long Tell me what you think of the setup

by contrition

I acquired a free 40 gallon long aquarium, these are my plans for it so tell me what you think. I've not purchased anything but the light and the glass tops for the tank. It is going to be a planted tank. Dimensions are 48x16x12.

Marineland Emperor 280 Biowheel Filter
Hagen 2x 54 Watt T5 High Output
Eco-Complete Substrate
Stealth Heater Rated for up to 45 gallons
Will have a powerhead for water movement and a bubble strip for added airation
Considering a Homemade Co2 system if its necessary(though the fish store i go to has very beautiful plants without co2 so)

As far as stocking the tank I know i'd like these for sure
6 or more XRay Tetras
4 Bolivian Rams
6 or so Cory cats

Would like to have a dwarf gourami, a plant friendly pleco (any ideas?), and perhaps an angelfish.
As far as plants go I plan to start with some more resillient plants and see how things work out.

Ideas, advice, problems, input, thoughts, insults, all very welcome please lemme know what you think.

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by Peterkarig3210

I don't know if there are Petit versions of plecos, but they get really big, and will outgrow the tank after a while.

I would look for a dwarf variety of angle fish as they can also get pretty big compaired to the smaller fish you mentioned, and they can get agressive sometimes.
I had problems with angels when I had them with agression, though others may have had other comments on the practicality of keeping them.

I love ottos (Ottocinclus). They are one of if not the best fish for algae, and they are non agressive and stay about an inch or so long max.

I think the lighting you have will do very well with most low to low-medium light plants such as anubias and others.
I don't think however that you will be able to grow any grasses like micosword, hair grass, or baby tears though.

Co2 is tricky and if you use it I'd considder letting it bleed through the powerhead. as the venturi will make it into very small bubbles.

I used a powerhead with my DIY co2 ststem because I didn't want any oxygenation issues when the co2 is left on at night, if you don't want the bother of turning it off every night. I just had my system make extra co2 to make up for the powerhead agitating the surface and blowing off co2.

I'd start without the co2 unless you want to up the lighting in the future.

Watch out and keep the temp down around 78 F as most plants do better if the water is not too warm. You may need to use some kind of fan to keep the temp down as the lights can really heat it up.

Good luck!

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by esparzar1

Like peter said.....Ottos are great I would personally get them over a pleco. You could easily get away with having a few dwaf gouramis (powderd blue/neon blue/ or honey) as far as plants can never go wrong with a few amazon swords.

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by Filmoreslim

angelfish can be jerks if you get them get fish of the same size the corys will be ok cuz thay stay on the bottom and have some armor

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by Zambize4899

Angelfish are iffy. I've got one that's an angel though (no pun intended). So it is really up to individual fish's personality. A really beautiful fish is a Pearl Gourami. I'd stay away from the Dwarf Gourami. Many are entering the country right now with Dwarf Gourami Disease. Google it. They are also get quite aggressive when they mature, at least as bad as a nasty angelfish. I've had numerous dwarf gourami and haven't had success with any of them.

I think your original plan for your tank in your initial post is plenty for your tank. I wouldn't add anything else. The Bolivian Rams are chock full of personality and they really like to claim a territory so you'll have four of them wanting to find a spot all their own, they'll need space to do that. They will dwell in mostly the bottom and middle. The tetras will hang out in the middle at top. The cory will inhabit the bottom. I think you'll find that your 40 is comfortably full. You've chosen really different fish, so you'll have plenty of different fish behavior to observe, you won't be board. I love my Bolivian Rams (Larry, Moe and Curly).

I have a 30 gallon and I only have 3 Bolivian Rams, 6 purple tetras, and 4 Badis Badis (1 inch fish). And my tank seems full. The rams are so active and so full of personality, and I wouldn't want to mute their behavior any by overstocking. And, Larry, Mo, and Curly have staked out their "territory" and I wouldn't want it invaded by having too many fish in the tank.


Starting a 40 Long Tell me what you think of the setup

5 posts

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