Don't think its a dumb oscar question

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Don't think its a dumb oscar question

by Ryand639878

so i have a beautiful 3 inch tiger oscar in my 46 gallon bowfront. i also have a 55 that iam thinking about settting up and am wonderin which one would be better? the 46 has the deeper parts since it has the bow but the 55 is longer? which would you all choose?

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by Twigboy8888

id put him in the 55 it will give him a bit more room to grow cuse they get pretty big

and there is no such thing as dumb question

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by mro2you2

55, wrong petsmart askes the stupidest question

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by Filmoreslim

i wold go out and get a 150 of 200 gallon thay will out grow the 55 ive been there

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by vwfan79

If you have a 55gal why not use it, as previously mentioned a oscar will out grow the 46 and the 55 so you miswell start with the bigger one. The oscar will be happier with the 55.

Don't think its a dumb oscar question

5 posts

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