Ideal height for planted tank

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Ideal height for planted tank

by corvette427

Hi everybody

i like to know what is the ideal height for planted tank, i mean the distance between the substrate and light


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by natalie265

I'd say it depends on how bright your lights are and what kind of plants you want. Light doesn't travel through water as well as through air, so the deeper the water, the brighter your lights will need to be.

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by Tmercier834747

also depends on the plant. jungle valisinaria and amazon sword will outgrow your standard 10gal easily. 18" is a good medium for most plants I think.

the amazon sword I had in this tank when the picture was taken was outgrowing it. It's a 16gal bowfront roughly 18" high.

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by Zambize4899

My 80 gallon is about 21-23" tall and my plants still want to grow right out the top.


Ideal height for planted tank

4 posts

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