110 gallon high african cichlid tank

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110 gallon high african cichlid tank

by markthecat

i was thinking about upgrading 75 gallon to 110 high tank.dont get me wrong a 75 gallon make a great african cichlid tank. but 110 would provide more room. even though the width and lenght r the same the shear height of would provide more room b/c u can stack the rocks a lot higher. which mean the mnuba fish would occupy more space in the tank. some at top,middle, bottom.but the big problem is the 110 gallon just the tank alone new cost over $ 500.00$. i would save some money b/c i would not have to buy a stand.but is this tank really worth the buy.
i seen my friend 110 mnuba tank it does seem to cut down on the agression some.
75 gallon"48" L "18"W "20"H 110 gallon"48"L "18"W "30"H

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by peterkarig

I found my 100 gal, allong with stand, 5 other tanks, one other stand, and lots of powerheads, and other filters and test kits, etc, etc, for only $240 from some guy who's wife said "it's the aquariums or me".

I'd look for a used one for a while. Something will probably come up if you keep your eyes open.

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by Cross6236

I agree w/Peter check ebay or criaglist in your local area. Pepole are always selling stuff dirt cheap. I got my 110 from a guy off craiglist. I got the hole setup for under 500.00, just had to stock it with what i wanted. take your time and i'm sure you'll find a great deal. also upgrading bigger is well worth it. your fish will love you.

110 gallon high african cichlid tank

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