What 3D background would look best in my tank?pics included

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What 3D background would look best in my tank?pics included

by skitheeast36

heres my tank more or less ..without a good background.
http://i736.photobucket.com/albums/xx3/ ... /fish5.jpg

i really love the look of the 3d background. although a little expensive , they look really good. so which one should i get? i have 2 choices, here they are:

Clay: http://www.charterhouse-aquatics.co.uk/ ... e-clay.gif

Lime: http://www.charterhouse-aquatics.co.uk/ ... d-lime.gif

probably going with clay because its darker

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by Twigboy8888

i think the lime would suit your tank better if its to dark it will become the focal point cuse there will be alot of it

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by fihsboy

I know this sounds dumb....but I like what you have. If you have to pick between the two I would go with the clay. Maybe you could hide a C02 diffuser in there. That would be SWEET.

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by dizzcat

Dark backgrounds make plants stand out better. I would go with the clay.

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by mymindseye81

i think it looks fine the way it is. the tank decor is almost south american and you want to add a rift lake background?????? i would rethink it

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by peterkarig

I agree with Mymindseye81 and Dizzcat. I think plants look better with a dark background and I'd go with a dark black gradually getting blue as it goes up, type which is just taped to the back outside of the tank.

I prefer to not use the side that has plants; the black/blue shows off the plants better IMO.

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Re: What 3D background would look best in my tank?pics inclu

by aquachris

In my opinion the dark background will look better, especially 3d backgrounds called amazon with big tree root in the middle. Have you seen them? here's the video showing the background I like so much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOXsK5aLPmM

What 3D background would look best in my tank?pics included

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