temp changes

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temp changes

by ant0715

usually my tank's temp is 79 at night 86 mid-day. i was wondering if its fluctuating too much or is this normal?

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by Snowboss4492

not sure on a fresh tank but im reasonable confident that 86 is way to high 76-78 is perfect for a salt system and im sure fresh is about the same unless your doing something specific like an amazon tank where higher temps are needed or in salt, deep water actinic tanks want to be much cooler - -at any rate 2-3 degrees flux is ok 5-10 is to much look into fans, moveing the tank to a more stable room temp environment away from windows or doors ...something to get it stable


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by peterkarig

Boss is right. There are cooling fans at Radioshack that could be used installed into the hood or whatever you have for a top. I'd even have the fan blow straight onto the water, which would be a more compact position.

I'm using a full sized house fan which blows onto the side of my tank, but it works because the lights hang off the end and help direct the air under them.

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by dizzcat

My tanks will slowly heat up during the day too in the summer.

A cheaper way of cooling off the tank is to fill a baggie with ice and float it in the tank. It slowly brings the temp down a degree or two. Another way is to fill some water bottles with water and keep them in the freezer. When the temp in the tank starts to rise, drop a frozen bottle in. That way works better because there is more ice to melt.

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by peterkarig

That sounds like a pain in the ass, IMO. especially as a permenant solution. I also doubt that the ice will last long enough to really be effective in most cases.

I have used ice in emergencies, like when I've come home to dying fish.

You can also lift the lights off the top a little, maybe, though that might just make space where the fish might jump out.

I still say some sort of fan is the answer.

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by esparzar1

I agree w/peter. The 7 degree change throughout the day isn't bad (not great) but, not that bad. Try turning off the light for longer, or putting a fan close to it, or maybe turn down the AC in the house a few degrees colder.

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by Ant071510085

well i have no ac in my house but using fans sounds good. the only problem is im using a full hood and the only opening is where my HOB filters are but ill think of something. ive also cut down my lighting to 8 hours instead of 10

temp changes

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