little white worms....????

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little white worms....????

by ashraf

i have a 55gall tank with 2 oscars a pleco an a snail,i noticed about a week ago that there are these little white worms on the tanks glass they dont seem too bother the fish tho but make my tank look dirty any ideas to whats causing it.i do water changers twice a week aswel as siphon there poop!!!!!!

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by peterkarig

I'd look up worms on the internet and see if you can find a pic that id's them. I've seen a few worms in my tanks and never had issues. Hydras are common, but they're translucent and look like tiny sea anenomies on tiny stalks, and they never bothered my aquariums either.


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by Tmercier834747

I'd say planaria but they're usually a sign of excess organic matter. ... ble_p2.htm

little white worms....????

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