interesting behavior

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interesting behavior

by Snowboss4492

I noticed tonight that one of my little devil yellow tail Damsels is picking up pieces of crushed coral swimming to the other side of the tank and dropping them, he's picking them up from the same spot everytie but not dropping them in the same spot, almost as if he's showing off how strong he is, LOL - anyone ever seen this behavior and what do you think it is? is he actually a she and building a "nest"? kinda fun to watch, he's a busy

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by makavelithedon963941

yea, i had a huge maroon clown in my old tank, and he did the same thing, grabbed rocks with his mouth and carried them to wherever he wanted, i always thought the same thing, hes making his surroundings to his liking or hes showing off

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by binkii

i'm not sure, but it seems like he is trying to expand his territory...but idk

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by angus4481

i have a blue devil damsel that does something similar,and i think its a pain in the rear. i have alot of livesand in my tank, he puts his nose against the glass and swims like theres no tomorrow, like a treadmill. When he does it, the sand goes all over the tank. i just wished he cleaned off the liverock when hes done lol. Its standard territory regulation, thats why they do it. We rearange livingrooms, and the fish rearange the tank.

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by snowboss

LOL, picky little buggers, eh? well at least I'm glad he's not doing it because he is having a stroke and dieing on me - -i bet it is a mess with sand, glad I have Crushed coral for now....the next tank [coming soon, will be sand though - so thanks for the heads up......

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by saltwaterpimp

snowboss, how is it going , just make sure your rocks are on the bottom of the tank, under the crushed coral. if your rocks where stacked tall they could fall and thats not good .

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by Snowboss4492

its going Pimp, save save save.....something comes up again LOL good point on the rock, i have all my large rock snugged into the substrate pretty firm......I'll be totally impressed if one of these lil SOB's [he says with love] knocks anything over

I lost my Blue Chromis yesterday - I posted last week that the Dams seemed to be picking on him after his fall - and they just coralled him tighter and tighter until he stressed to death

I don't think I'm going to add anything more to this tank and when the 65 arrives i'll just keep the Dams in this small one in my office or something - -their beautiful lil guys but man are they mean !!! talk to you soon

interesting behavior

7 posts

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