stories from my lfs

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stories from my lfs

by breaknrun911

so i work at my lfs part time. i had some customers ask me some questions.....
1. After he was walking around the store for about 20 mins he comes up to me and asks " Do you guys sell fish?" Uhhhhh yea i replied. He then says, 'Can you show me where?" I just looked around 360 degrees and said "Take your pick."

2. I got another phone call from a customer and she asks how do i keep my water from evaporating? my response was "click"

3. finally a customer bout a male guinea pig from our store a few weeks ago and she calls and says that here pig was growing a tumor between its legs.
Can anyone think as to how they would have responded to these? especially number 3?

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by abrockway23

1. Yea, we sell fish, those things swimming around the tanks are just display models, we keep the real ones in the back.

2. Oh to keep water from evaporating, just fill the tank with air, then you've never got to worry about evaporation.

3. Obviously your pig thinks your a female specimen, and wants to mate with you, then i would have guided her to a website that explains how the mating process works.

stories from my lfs

2 posts

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