c02 systems

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c02 systems

by volcom

looking for a c02 systm for my 30 gal
i saw these two.
which do you recomend?

http://www.bigalsonline.ca/BigAlsCA/ctl ... uralsystem


http://www.bigalsonline.ca/BigAlsCA/ctl ... ogenerator

price doesnt really matter. just whichever is more effective.
i guese the main difference is the diffuser. a pump or bubble ladder?

thanksss :)

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by Tmercier834747

neither are as stable, reliable, and efficient as a pressurized system...but both are certainly much more affordable. I only have experience with the ladder system.

I'm still running one in my 16 gallon but I've been using my own yeast/sugar remedy and the store-bought bakers yeast lasts about a week and a half before dying off.

The diffuser would probably produce faster but less efficient results as the ladder really does visibly reduce the size of the bubble drastically by the time it reaches the top -- but it also takes longer to reach full operating capacity after each solution change.

The solution I use takes approx 15 minutes to start creating bubbles. The yeast from the packets you'd get with that hagen system would take anywhere from 24-48 hours to start making bubbles, but produce them for about a month instead of a week and a half.

Diffusers are more dangerous if I'm not mistaken because they can create a draw if the canister is bumped and send the mixture right down the airline.

Its a good 50/50 if you ask my opinion...but I know the ladder works from experience.

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by dizzcat

This is the one I have in my 30 gallon planted tank.
http://www.bigalsonline.ca/BigAlsCA/ctl ... fermentset

It has a diffuser that goes in the tank. The CO2 goes thru the bubble counter, then into the diffuser and every few minutes it sends out hundreds of microscopic bubbles all over the tank. Its pretty cool! Works wonderful, my plants are getting huge now. The yeast packet lasts about 8 weeks too.

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by OrionX

I have a DIY as well, Not sure if my mixture is right or not(3 cups sugar, 5cups water, 1.5 tsp yeast, pinch of Bsoda) lasts for 2.5 weeks. I have it connected to a ladder, and a diffuser via a 6mm T-piece with two taps(from the sprinkler section, hardware store). heres my setup discussed here: http://www.ratemyfishtank.com/phpbb/viewtopic/3282

I must admit i have tried the ladder, and saw very little improvement with the ladder in a month. Then experimented with both variations, ladder at night, and diffuser in the day(not to change the ph too much), this seemed to work much better, but i assumed this was due to the difusser

Then tried the diffusion through the outlet of a filter in my tank only(timed to switch on with the light), this made a bigger difference as the bubbles were chopped very fine, and could see them spread through to the other end of the tank before dissapearing.(also probably due to the flow in the tank). Plants are growing very nice now, mand for the first time in my life seen my plants perl, considering that i also run a UGF and Airtubing to aerate the UGF. Fish are not gasping for air due to the aeration.

In summary i think its because i aimed to have the co2 be diffused into fine bubbles and flow through the tank, but at the same time i have the corner of the tank(where the bubbles disappear) where my filter inlet is slightly on water level, so this adds a little bit of aeration.(a sort of breathing area if the tank is ever overdosed with c02, this keeps balance).

At night the difusser pump is off, but bubbles do trickle through slower, hence not changing ph at all.

Ph=7 KH=5dkh Gh=7gdh no2= 0mg/l

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by peterkarig

I'm not using my DIY system right now as my plants are thick and I'm growing hairgrass and baby tears without it........ but, I was running the co2 through my canister filter by running the co2 line directly into the intake. I use a gallon water jug with airline tubing siliconed to the top. The other end of the tube goes to the canister filter intake. Super easy! The yeast/sugar mix is easy, though go easy on the yeast. I use about 1 teaspoon yeast. It's the amount of yeast that determines the amount of co2 that is generated continuously. The sugar determines how long the mix will last(for the most part) Be careful you don't over co2 your tank too. I've wasted a # of shrimp until getting the right mix. I would skip the pricy bought fermentation systems and just observe the above mentioned setup for 6 hours or so so you don't have too high a mix. Ohyea, the pH will drop as co2 level increases, and with care this can give you an idea as to your co2 level(check pH before using the system and compare it to the pH when the system has gotten going.....like maybe 6 hours) As long as you haven't used pH buffers there is a formulea for determining co2 level. I don't know it off hand.

I'm just suggesting the DIY with your own made sugar/yeast/water container and the use of a canister filter, as well as about a teaspoon of yeast. You should learn more about determining the ideal co2 level to be safe. Other people may have that info(I haven't read the other posts yet) Oh yea, pH will go up at night as the plants give it off then, and o2 will go down. I ran my system with an air intrained venturi powerhead going 24/7(this was not part of my co2 set up, just as an extra feature). this will cause more co2 to escape from the surface of the water but I just ran a high enough amount of co2 to balance it.

I've heard of using a powerhead's venturi to get the co2 into the water too. I don't like the idea of putting a big unsightly diffuser into my tank. Good luck.

c02 systems

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