Why don't we have a cichlid forum in the index?

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Why don't we have a cichlid forum in the index?

by esparzar1

I'd would bet that at least half of the tanks/people who are on this website have cichlids. So, why doesn't this website offer a forum for cichlids.....just a thought.....mods, others???? What do ya'll think?

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by fihsboy

dunno. I guess if they did that then they would have to have a thing for marive inverts.......then one for marine bettas....the groupings are endless. I dont have cichlids.....nor do I know anyone who does. Ive heard they are hard as hell to keep.

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by Tmercier834747

I believe its the research involved in keeping them thats hard not the task itself as they keep themselves well enough under the proper circumstances...but that's just my theory as I haven't kept any myself yet..

As far as another sub-forum -- would definately be worth it if there were a steady stream of visitors and vets (as in veterans) posting on subjects within those subforums..however even with 3 that's not the case, unfortunately.

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by dizzcat

"Ive heard they are hard as hell to keep."

Nah, not after you know what they need. That is all I really have except a few regular community fish. I have Ram cichlids and African cichlids. Angel fish are cichlids. :-)

There are a lot of cichlid forums online already. Some for just African cichlids, some for all different kinds.

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by Sticks

Ur right there should b one because most of tha tanks that i rate r cichlids tanks.

Why don't we have a cichlid forum in the index?

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