Net or pour?

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Net or pour?

by zambize

Here's a question. Say you've got numerous fish in a 5 gallon bucket and you want to transfer them to a tank, assuming they've been acclimated. Would you say it is better for the fish to be poured into the tank or to be netted and transferred to the tank? Netting may damage their slime coat, but pouring seems like a wild ride... Either way, seems unpleasant.


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by TigerTaylor8906

How many fish and how big? I say pour most likely. Also, in a bucket there is no flat surface to help you net them.

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by JazzyD_KingRoy

Well from experince w/ putting fish in a bucket (moving). I would say pour. It can be a "wild ride" but either way the fish are gonna be stressed. You may even loose a few. Hope not tho.
Good luck!

Net or pour?

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