More people voting!

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More people voting!

by FishChum9833

We need more people voting! If you don't vote that takes the fun out of it all.

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by sapperdaddy

Ive voted thousands!!!!! lmao its fun!

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by fihsboy

sad thing is.......when your not logged on.........and you see a picture thats yours.......and you dont realize it. I voted my tank a 6.....i was soo mad at myself.

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by TigerTaylor8906

I havent got to vote on my tank yet. Once I had it up and closed the screen as I realized, havent seen it since. But I vote a good bit.

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by gumbii

i used to vote but i don't think it's fair sometimes... i have very high standards... lol...

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by fishchum

I think everybody deserves at lest 4/10 just for cumming out. I of course get a 10/10. lol
How long does it take to get a vote?

More people voting!

6 posts

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