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by breaknrun911

when i ever do some traveling around the states/world, what is the name of your lfs and website so that i can drop in and see what they have and maybe take something home.

here is mine

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by fihsboy

Mine doesnt have a website. :( But they have crazy rare corals.

Reef Fanatics

Probably one of the best lfs in the south east......


They have everything you can imagine. For a good price, I just have loyality to my lfs, so I never go to bioreef.

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by puffedupseagull



Newcastle, the only place to live.

1. All About Fish And Reptiles Warnesbay (Jason the owner, tell him Clayton sent you)
2. Crossroads Aquariums Argenton. (Backup shop, if Jason lets me down)
3. Fantasea Aquariums Gosford. (Bit far from home - 1 hour, but have some funky shit every now and then)
They are the best in actual order

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by saltwaterpimp

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by Snowboss4492

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by gldntrmite

St. Louis, MO
Saint Louis Marine Solutions

Website isn't much as they just got it up and running...

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by codyren9730

Savannah, Ga
Exotic Underworlds

Nice place, but cant buy anything from online...

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by gdeeber

I'm glad someone asked this question. I travel from time to time and I like to visit local fish stores and see what they have to offer. I will definitely be paying a visit to a reef creation come September. (I'm a Bills season ticket holder and I stay at the hotels by the airport). My wife thinks I spend too much just going to football games what until I start buying corals and bringing them back.

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by jweb

Panama City, Florida

Paws, Jaws, and Claws

They have probably the best deals I have ever seen in any pet store. All of their stuff is cheaper than anyone elses. The owner will match prices of anyone.

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by gumbii

i'm in socal... we have the BESTESSEST lfs around...

check out www.socalireefs.com

i just discovered this LFS called Age of Aquariums... i love this place...


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