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by breaknrun911

do you guys find it better for the coral to put iodine in daily or weekly. rite now im doing weekly and have always been but if it will help my corals just a tad more then i will be more than happy to go to daily

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by fihsboy

imo.......iodine is dosed mainly for soft coral and inverts. Your crabs shrimps and snails are what really needs it. they use it to molt. dont dose iodine for a couple of months......and then dose it. Your shrimp will all molt at the same time. Ive done it a few times and its happened this way. I would just get kent marine long lasting....dose once every week or two weeks and you should be more than fine.

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by saltwaterpimp

I add 2 drops now to 5 gallons, my system responds well to the daily additions,no exsesive algae growth beyond the took a bit of trial an error to find my tanks sweet spot..I shoot for stability..i don't like speradic chem additions,waterchanges ect, Also Loguls would be a better choice, IMO.. Anyone know the shelflife of lougles vs premixed Iodine ? ive read the mixed stuff only last a few months before it expires...


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