Chromis Spawning again

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Chromis Spawning again

by puffedupseagull

Check this vid of my chromis spawning again. About 5 times more this time.
Does anyone have a clue on the time of eggs before hatching, feeding the fry and raising them. come on guys I really need help on this one for a change..... ... =012-1.flv

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by fihsboy

what I would do.......move them to another system. Calm water with rotifers and brine and newly hatched brine. Lower salinity level so the fish dont have to work as hard to keep the salt out of there system. I would move them asap.......keep the temp around 79-81 so the hatch rate would be greater. Like a little incubator. Just my still learning so take my advice for what its worth. :)

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by saltwaterpimp

Puffed :

I have no real answer for you sorry, But i would say look for help at MOFIB or Marinedepot.+1^ to raising the rotifers+phytoplankton, They will be needed.
Keep us posted on you progress


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by jweb

Yea I'd say slightly higher temp than normal. Most fish spawn inland in warmer calmer waters such as estuaries or bays. Live brine, phyto, and maybe even mosquito larvae if you can find some. I know here in florida you can leave a bucket of water outside and mosquitos will lay eggs in it within a week or so.

Oh I just bought some wild caught aussie true percs and damn they are beautiful. Took me 3 days to get them to eat frozen brine. I was sweating bullets hoping they'd start to show interest, and luckily they finally did.

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by Snowboss4492

no advise at all...................but sweet as hell man !!!!!

Chromis Spawning again

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