WTF. Why do my new fish always get sick.

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WTF. Why do my new fish always get sick.

by bug518

I have a few fish and a couple eels that have been in my tank forever. but whenever i buy a new fish it always seems to be doing fine then one day it all the sudden comes down with some wild bird flu all the sudden. i have my water tested all the time and nothing is wrong with the water. so what can possibly be the problem? PLEASE HELP.

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by binkii

well, with my fish, they got sick with ich because of water temp changes...i think...that is the most common reason for ich, but i'm not sure what your fish have...they could just be stressed, i'm not sure


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by tangerine

the guys here will need more info before they can offer any views.i.e yr tank size, how long has it being set up,current occupants and what types of new fishes are u refering to.

off the cuff,do you acclimatize yr new fishes? current fishes,aggresive in nature? there are many possibilities.

oh,one more overlook thing,are all the new fishes bought from the same lfs?

provide us with more details.

WTF. Why do my new fish always get sick.

3 posts

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