Aspen Tree Branches OK?

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Aspen Tree Branches OK?

by dizzcat

Hello everyone!

I live in Colorado, so most of the trees here are Aspen or Pine. Some Oak here and there in yards. I am wanting to have long skinny branches come down into my SA planted tank to make it look like roots from above. A couple years ago my sister and her hubby (who live by me) trimmed down one of their Aspen trees. In her back yard are a bunch of branches exactly like I am looking for! Since the wood has been stuffed in a corner of their yard a couple years its all dried out and all I would need to do is cut it to size, sand it down and boil it really good.

Question: does anyone know if Aspen would harm a tank? I know to stay away from Pine because of its bark and sap, but not sure about Aspen. Its dead, so no green in the wood. I really want to use it, I can cut pieces that are branched perfect for what I have in mind!

These pieces range from 1-3" wide and would be as long as I need to make them look like roots coming down from above. Also thinking about a couple branching pieces for my African tank too. I know my Acei would love that! I know to watch Ph in that tank if I do.

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by msawdey

id personally be careful using any type of wood. Whenever i have put new wood in, i usually boil it and let it soak for a few days. I know pine for sure would be bad, but something tells me aspen also wouldnt be too great for the tank. Just the idea of any toxins leeching out and into my tank makes me shutter...

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by Tmercier834747

all trees have some degree of sap to my knowledge. I think by boiling several times in fresh water each time you'd remove most of the risk of any contaminants but it will still probably turn things pretty acidic.

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by ChristinaBug2890

The pine trees here are pretty horrid...i'd never dare use could probably boil them for 100 years and still never get all the goo out. They dont even burn nicely.

Aspen Tree Branches OK?

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