29 Gallon Bio-Cube Problem. Please Help!!!

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What other fish should I add?

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Another clown
Another darwf angel
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No more fish.
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29 Gallon Bio-Cube Problem. Please Help!!!

by littlej2455

I have had my Bio-cube set up for about 2 months now. I just added 2 clowns, and one angel fish in this weekend. One day however, i was missing a clown fish. I later found out that the clown fish had gotten over the back all of the bio-cube and into the filter system. Luckily I was able to save him and he is swimming around fine now. I tried to take some of the water out of the aquarium, because there was about half a centimeter of water flow going from the tank into the filter system. But when I took water out of the main part of the tank, it lowered the level of water in the filter system. And when the filter system did not have enough water, the filter system did not work. So my question is, how do I stop a water flow going into the filter so my fish do not swim over the wall?

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by amkelly

well the way i see it... you need to slow down with adding fish otherwise there is going to be an imbalance in your tank. i probably wouldnt add another fish for a month or so if i were you. you cannot add another dwarf angel, sorry, but it would just not work out with the first one and its quite a small tank to add another as well... i think youre pretty much done :-( sorry

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sounds exactly like it happened in NEMO

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by saltwaterpimp


29 Gallon Bio-Cube Problem. Please Help!!!

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